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Amy Allan

Amy Allan, a well-known medium from “Dead Files,” left the show, possibly due to burnout, disagreements, and a desire to explore new media development and writing opportunities.

This article looks into Amy Allan’s life, her unique talents, and the mark she’s left on the world of paranormal investigation.

Amy Allan’s Journey – Uncover Secrets!

Amy Allan, a well-known figure from TV channels like Travel, TLC, and Discovery, is starting something new. She’s going back to her beginnings and business projects. 

Amy Allan's Journey
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In a recent announcement, she shared her excitement about meeting her audience in person and getting into new adventures.

Background and Expertise Of Amy Allan – Let’s Find Out!

Amy Allan, originally from Denver, Colorado, started her journey as a physical medium when she was four. Over the years, she underwent tests by different experts, confirming her unique abilities. 

Amy has degrees in Psychology, Sociology, and Business, and she’s skilled in various areas like Western Massage, Zen Shiatsu, Thai Yoga, and Acupuncture. Dr. William Roll mentored her in Parapsychology, and she’s particularly interested in Psychometry.

Ongoing Learning and Certification – Explore It!

Amy Allan is learning about Hypnotherapy and is excited to learn more about it. With guidance from her mentors, she wants to use this knowledge in her workshops to help people understand the processes better. 

Amy believes in using different tools to assist others in understanding and using their unique abilities.

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Amy Allan’s Notable Project “The Dead Files” – You Must Know!

One of Amy Allan’s most prominent projects is the television series “The Dead Files.” The show follows her collaboration with a retired homicide detective, combining her psychic abilities with his investigative skills to unveil mysteries surrounding haunted locations.

Amy Allan's Notable Project “The Dead Files”
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In 2019, Amy Bruni left the TV show ‘Dead Files’ to focus on writing and making films. She explained in an interview that she’s always loved telling stories and felt it was time for a new phase in her life.

Later, during the fifteenth season of ‘Dead Files,’ Amy Allan, another important person on the show, announced she was taking a break for personal reasons. 

The network mentioned in a statement that this season is different because Amy Allan is saying goodbye after being a crucial part of the team since the show started in 2011.

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Why did Amy Allan decide to leave ‘The Dead Files’? – Reason behind It!

On April 21, 2023, the Travel Channel announced that The Dead Files would be coming back, but with a twist. Amy Allan, the long-time medium, would be leaving during the 15th season for a “personal break.”

Why did Amy Allan decide to leave 'The Dead Files'?
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In a press release, the network said, “This season is a big change as it says goodbye to Amy Allan, who has been a dedicated partner to [Steve] DiSchiavi for over 200 episodes. Amy, a gifted medium, has been a crucial part of the team since the show started in 2011.” 

The network explained that after many years of intense work, Amy would be taking a break. Psychic medium Cindy Kaza would be taking over to help solve paranormal cases with DiSchiavi.

A bit after Season 15 began, Amy shared on Instagram that she’s leaving the show. When a fan asked what she’s up to next, Amy said, “I’m taking a year to focus on my health!” She’s also having a good time managing her online store, refreshing her massage skills, leading workshops, and even organizing some paranormal weekends.

If you want to support Amy in her post-The Dead Files ventures, you can check out her online store. She and her friend Danielle love finding new items, especially clothes, antiques, and stones.

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Who is taking over Amy Allan’s role on ‘The Dead Files’? – Lets See!

The Travel Channel announced in a press release that Amy will be handing over her role to psychic medium Cindy Kaza.

Who is taking over Amy Allan's role on 'The Dead Files'?
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Cindy, as per her official website, has had a strong intuition since she was very young. When she was 10 years old, she saw a spirit – her friend who had recently passed away in a car accident – standing by her bed one night. 

Even though she tried to convince herself it was just a dream, this experience stayed with her.In a press release, the Travel Channel shared that Amy is handing over her role to psychic medium Cindy Kaza.

According to Cindy’s official website, she has had a strong intuition since she was very young. At just 10 years old, she saw her friend who had recently passed away in a car accident standing by her bed. 

Even though she thought it was a dream, Cindy later realized in her early 20s that she has been having psychic experiences all along. During this time, she started looking for answers and understanding her abilities as a psychic medium.

Since 2018, Cindy has been on a bunch of TV shows. Some of them include The Holzer Files, Ghosts of Devil’s Perch, Ghosts of Flight 401, Scream:

The True Story, Ed Gein: The Real Psycho, The Curse of Robert the Doll, Conjuring Kesha, Portals to Hell, Ghost Brothers, Fright Club, Ozzy and Jack’s World Detour, Jack and Kelly: Night of Terror, and Below Deck.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

1. How Did Amy Allan’s Dead Files Affect Things?

Amy Allan left “Dead Files” possibly due to burnout after 14 years, disagreements with the show’s approach, and a curiosity to explore opportunities in media development and writing.

2. What has Amy Allan been up to since she left ‘Dead Files’?

After leaving ‘Dead Files,’ Amy Allan became a medium, authored a book on psychic abilities, and now teaches seminars. She’s a vegan and supports animal rights. The fifteenth season of ‘Dead Files’ is doing well despite Amy’s departure.

3. Is Amy Allan’s gift of mediumship scientifically proven?

While scientific validation of mediumship is challenging, Amy Allan’s experiences and successful investigations contribute to the growing body of evidence supporting the authenticity of her unique abilities.


Amy Allan is a renowned medium acknowledged for her involvement in “Dead Files,” where she showcased her distinctive skill in communicating with spirits and exploring paranormal enigmas. 

Following her departure from the show, potential reasons include burnout, differences of opinion, and a curiosity to venture into new opportunities.

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